15 Jan 2021

Buy Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets Online

As technology evolves at a rapid pace, it has led to the inception of innovative, smart, and intuitive gadgets that not only leave us amazed but also make our lives a lot easier. When you are planning to add exciting new tech to your collection and not sure which one would be the right choice, then worry no more. This article highlights the top 10 must-have gadgets that are all about functionality, performance, and incredible user experience.

1. Smartphone

A device like no other, the smartphone has truly revolutionized the way people communicate. Be it connecting with your family & friends on social media channels, listening to the music of your choice, ordering products from online shopping websites, gaming to your heart's content, or staying updated with the latest events and news, there's so much that can be done with a well-designed smartphone.

2. Laptop

Practical, compact, and lightweight - laptops make both learning and working simple and easy. Available in different screen sizes of 11inches to 16inches, they are powered by modern processors and feature impeccable displays with a resolution varying from 1366 X 768 pixels and 1920 X 1080 pixels. Being an essential gear, it comes in various price ranges, allowing you to find the one that suits your budgetary needs.

3.Digital Camera

Whether you aspire to have a picture-perfect social media handle or simply adore the beautiful art of photography, no matter what the reason might be, digital cameras are a must-have in your gadget collection. Known to be a versatile all-rounder, cameras can be used for recording videos (vlogging) and capturing still-focused shots, each of which can be flaunted in your social media account or professional portfolio. Like other gadgets, digital cameras are available at various price points as well.

4. Smartwatch

Considering the busy and hectic lifestyles lived by many, staying fit and healthy has become the need of the hour. This is where futuristic smartwatches find their importance. Equipped with a wide range of features such as monitoring heart rate & sleep cycle, tracks rigorous outdoor activities like running, swimming, and cycling, smart navigation systems (supports seamless navigation using GPS), and connecting with a smartphone to give you access to the calendar, e-mails, and social media- it's one watch with many capabilities!

5.Smart TV

Gone are those days when TVs were just about watching your favorite TV shows. With smart TVs, you can browse online, video calls your family & friends, watch and create photo slideshows, home videos and use various apps- all at the comfort of your very own living room. Apart from web browsing, advanced TVs also support an unforgettable gaming experience and provide access to the content that has been stored on incompatible devices (laptops, computers, or smartphones).

6. Projector

Want to take your home entertainment to a new level and that too without spending too much for the same? Make projectors a part of your TV unit, as they offer:

  • Customizable Screen Size: Projectors give you the opportunity to view shows, movies, and more on any surface. However, to maintain the quality it's essential to project on white-painted walls or specially-made screens.
  • Large Images: Unlike TVs, the projectors are not limited to the size of the TV screen. Even at the base level, the screen size at which the device projects is large, which results in huge images leading to a theatre-like experience at home.
  • Portability: Home entertainment projectors are portable, allowing you to have a movie night at your friend’s place or an outdoor screening without any sort of complications.
  • Eye Comfort: Since projectors reflect light, they are less straining on the eyes while the larger images ensure easy viewing.

7. Soundbar

The soundbar is another popular gadget of the home entertainment system. Just as the name suggests, this device holds multiple speakers and is capable of producing multi-channel sound. Some soundbars even have a separate subwoofer and wireless rear speakers too. Apart from this, the device has a built-in receiver/amplifier, meaning there will be minimal equipment on the shelves of your entertainment unit, and that too without compromising sound quality in any way.

8. Wireless Ear Buds

When you want to listen to songs, podcasts, or attend calls with ultimate mobility then wireless earbuds should be at the top of your must-have list. Superior quality earbuds from reputable brands offer cord-free operation, high-quality sound, keep the noise out, and most importantly lets you connect even when you are on the move.

9. USB Microphone

Designed for convenience, the USB microphone can be used for recording voice with perfection. The microphones are portable and can be paired with computers and laptops for capturing high-quality audio recording. Further, as computers recognize the USB microphone as a separate device, they can be used for mixing multiple sources of recording without the need for a soundcard.  You can also hear the audio that is being recorded by connecting an earphone to the computer.

10.Wireless Charging Pad

With wireless technology booming in every sector of the gadget space, why should the humble smartphones stay behind? Wireless charging pads make charging simple and fun, where all you need a cable and a pad to charge your phone in no time. These pads are more durable and offer safer connections, as the charging occurs in a 100% enclosed environment without the need for an external cord.

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