Frequently Asked Questions

How to redeem my referral bonus?+

Referral bonus is added to your pending balance every time someone signs up with Reward Eagle using yourreferral code. Your friend needs to complete the requisite requirements in order to successfully activate yourrespective bonus. To view the details for your referral scheme please visit the Refer and Earn section of MyAccounts, or simply click here

How to redeem my joining bonus?+

Bonus amount, received on successful sign-up using a promotional code or via other promotional activities are summed up in your Pending Balance and can be redeemed as per our withdrawal policy.

Do I need to use joining / referral code while sign up?+

You should apply the codes available to you either by referral or any promotional activity in order to avail thebenefits of the scheme. You can also use this field to enter a referral code from a friend, so that both of youcan avail benefits of the running referral scheme! Note: Only one code is applicable per sign up.

Why should I refer a friend?+

You can earn an unlimited bonus amount for each friend that signs up using your referral code every time.There are no caps on the number of friends that you can refer. For more information, login to your Reward Eagle account and visit the Refer and Earn section under ‘My Accounts’, or simply click here.