09 Jun 2020

How To Choose A Gift For A Friend

We all know a friend who seems to have everything. You love them to death but when the time comes to buy them something as a gift, you are at sea. Choosing a gift for a dear friend might seem to be an insurmountable task and of course, you do not want to hand them money because it looks like you haven’t thought about selecting a gift for them.

  A good part of giving a gift is to watch your friend’s reaction when they open it. So, for all those who have trouble selecting a gift, here are some surefire ways of choosing the right present for a loved one.

1. Listen to your friends

You should pay attention to what your friend says when you are chatting together. In most of the cases, if they fall in love with an item or if they are interested in something, they will tell you about it. If your friend wants to buy something for the future, you can file away the information and surprise him or her with a gift on a particular occasion. This trick works with both family and friends, jot down what they want and give them a gift on a suitable occasion. No longer will you be clueless about what to gift to your friend.

2. Track your gifts

A lot of times when a friend gifts you something, it is what they would like for themselves too. You could start to keep a track of the presents you receive from family and friends. Keep a note of who gives you what. Also if they happen to comment on a certain gift, make a note of it too. You could go ahead and purchase these gifts when the holiday season approaches and surprise your dear ones with those very same gifts.

3. Gift peace and calm

For a lot of people who live hectic lives, gifting them a quiet dinner out or a weekend at the spa can be a very generous and thoughtful gift. Even a relaxing massage will be of great help to a friend who is aching and paining from his daily duties and chores. You can make the gift even more thoughtful if you offer to look after their pets and/or children while they are away, enjoying your gift. Giving a gift like this does not always have to be expensive, and you will make yourself dearer to them if they don’t have to look around for a babysitter.

4. Hunt for bargains

Sometimes the gift you want to present to your friend is more expensive than what you can afford comfortably. However, if your mind is made up you should go ahead and purchase it for them. And it is not that you have to break your budget for it. There are a lot of e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart where you can purchase things at rock-bottom prices and still drive a bargain. These websites also come with the advantage of you using discount codes so that you can give your friend what he/she wants without overstretching your budget. 

5. Gift an experience

Does your friend has a penchant for the Harry Potter series or a book like Oliver Twist? Are they able to quote from the book word for word? It is very probable that they already own the books and the associated posters. However, you can surprise your friend by giving him/her tickets to a live performance. You could also throw in a gift certificate or dinner at a nice restaurant when they have finished with the show.

6. Hand-made gifts

For those of your friends who love craft, you can definitely go ahead and hand- make a gift for them. If you are not the crafty type, pun intended, you can collaborate with someone who is good with their hands and commission a hand-made gift for your dear friend. This kind of gift is special because it is highly customized and unique. Your friend is going to love you for the effort you put in and this takes your friendship to a whole new level.

7. Attach with a memory

Has your friend passed a significant milestone lately? It can be that they have graduated from college or even won an award. There can also be a great memory of the two of you together that makes you smile whenever you are reminded of it. You could frame their diploma or degree professionally and give it to them. Also if your friend has sold their outdated gaming station and is looking for a new one, you can surprise him or her with a Playstation. Such gifts count for a lot.

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