20 Nov 2019

How Can I Redeem My Reward Points?

Today, almost every person is familiar with the catchphrase “Go Digital” which upholds the necessity & sheer benefits of making the digital transactions through debit cards or credit cards. The consumers are offered debit/credit cards by different banks & other financial sectors to help them stay worry-free about any kind of transaction that may occur in just a few seconds. More interestingly, the card companies now enable you to redeem reward points for using their cards for the first time. In general, you will get to hear many words from a bank while being offered a credit/debit card and those words may not make any sense to you. But the companies offering credit card highly promote their reward points or programs to add to their sales as well.

What Value Do Reward Points Bring To Card Holders?
The importance of reward points for a credit card holder is truly a big deal. Getting thousands of reward points against any big purchase curtails your credit card bill to a large extent. Now you should have an idea about the value of each reward point in terms of cash. This value usually varies from person to person, who has issued a credit card. One reward point can be equal to be minimum Re 0.1 per point and maximum Re 1 per point. You can easily calculate the value of your reward points by checking the cost of the product that is available at the time of redemption.

How You Will Redeem The Points
It is possible and easeful to redeem your reward points at the online partner shopping store or website. In most cases, reward points offer a variety of choices like the purchase of different products, apart from excellent gift vouchers. And you have flexibility in selecting the program that provides multiple choices as well.

Online redemption of reward points can be conveniently done without informing the customer care agents of a specific bank. Moreover, most of the banks usually offer the facility to have your purchased products against reward points safely delivered at your doorstep. You can also use your reward points to purchase flight tickets by converting them into air miles.

Another crucial benefit offered by some banks is that you can store your reward points received on credit/ debit cards of a similar bank in one pool and finally redeem reward points at times of your need. This is truly excellent to redeem them all at once and grab one of the biggest deals available against the points.

The reward points on any debit or credit card are available with a specific expiry date. That means they will be invalid after a certain time. In general, banks deduct all the unused reward points right at the end of each financial year. Hence as a cardholder, you should keep redeeming your points at times.

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