07 Nov 2019

Earn reward points while you spend on your favourite stores!

Spending habits of most people are unique and mainly depend on their lifestyle, preferences and financial status. You may be a kind of shopper who believes in shopping once in a month, or you may be someone who doesn’t mind spending thousands just to spruce up your car or you are someone who is comfortable shopping from particular retail stores only. No matter what kind of shopper you are, what are you get to earning points every time you spend money on necessity or luxury? It will be like earning something back from your expenses. If you think it is too good to be true, then you are wrong. Because it is totally possible and you can take full benefit of it while you shop for any product or service.

Many credit card companies have partnership establishments with many retail stores across the globe. If you have a proper credit card then you can easily earn reward points every time you shop from these retail stores. These reward points are collected in your card and you can easily redeem them at your convenience. Some of the famous store chains which offer handsome reward points earning to their consumers are Toys R U, Disney, Universal, Hamleys, Westside, Shopper stop, Borders, Crossword and so on.

The best part about such cards with a reward points earning system is that it is not mandatory to shop from only the partner establishments to earn the reward points. You can use it on the store outside affiliation also and earn reward points. These reward points are definitely less than what you would have earned at a partner establishment but all that matters is that you have got something in return for your shopping. You can store these reward points and redeem them at a partner establishment later when you shop with them.

Credit card companies do not limit themselves to attractive reward point program. They have a lot more to offer to their consumers who often use the card for various purchases. They come up with benefits like zero percent interest on balance transfer, waived annual fees of the credit card, free tickets to some selective movies, tickets to premiere shows of the movies or opening nights of plays in theatres, special discounts, free vouchers and free gifts certificates to encourage more and more people to use credit card for shopping.

Reward Eagle regularly updates a huge list of reward points programs for different websites and brands.

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