24 Dec 2019

How To Dress For Your Body Type

Each human being has a different body type. The shape of your body is dependent on factors like genetics, evolution and so on. Your body type dictates what clothes will look good on you and what you should wear. Being a woman, you should be aware of your body type so that you can make full use of the options in clothing in store for you. Let us look at the various body types of women.

Straight body shape

This body shape for women is generally found in those who are supermodels so give yourself a pat on the back if you happen to be this shape. Most women would be envious of your body. Almost all kinds of clothes will suit your body shape so you can use this inherent advantage to look at your very best.

If you are in the mood for a traditional Indian dress then you should try the layered or the jacket style along with long Anarkali dresses. You will look great in salwar dresses. If you are feeling adventurous then you can go for sleeveless Anarkali dresses. You could also go with belted Kurtis with printed leggings. The necklines and your dressing styles can include turtlenecks, collared dresses, scoops, high neck outfits, as well as the classic “V” neck.

Pear-Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body, you have narrow shoulders, large hips and a bust that is small. You have an admirable curve on your body and the broad hips and your waist add to this advantage. You have probably been called “sexy” on more than one occasion and in a flattering manner. You will look good in most types of clothing.

The traditional and contemporary fashion has a lot in store for your body type. You will look stunning in a sari so make sure you choose from materials like georgette, crepe materials and also synthetic materials. If you want to wear Kurtis go for the color pink alongside high side slits and a straight cut. For both your sari blouses and you always opt for a wide neckline to showcase your figure appropriately. Both saris and always will focus on the upper part of the body and will create a look that is balanced. You should steer clear of lehengas with flares because they are not suited for chubby body types.

Apple-shaped body

If you have the apple body type you will have slender arms and legs, a bust that is large, round shoulders and a comparatively small hip. If you have this body shape, you can really dress it up. Don’t shy away from wearing revealing outfits or even body fitted clothes as you can scorch the ramp very easily. If you wear your clothes confidently and smartly, you can really ace the look.

You can wear full-length Anarkali dresses for formal gatherings and social situations. Drape the dupatta you choose on any one side. If you are wearing sarees go for heavily embroidered sarees and with these wear long-sleeved blouses preferably in contrasting colors. For your sarees go for silk, chiffon, crepe, and georgette as they really flatter your body type. While choosing a Kurti, go for the ones which have embroidery and delicate detailing. Do not go with puffy jackets or heavy jewelry on the neck.

Hourglass Body Shape

This body shape happens to be one of the most desirable shapes for any woman. If you have this body shape, every segment of your body is in proportion and you are the cynosure of many eyes. You have a thin waist and it is one asset that you can flaunt with supreme self -confidence.

The world is your playground when it comes to dressing the hourglass figure. You can go for any saree, salwar kameez or even lehengas because they all will look good on you. You will look good in ankle-length or full-length Anarkali dresses which sport a tight waist and the flare below the waistline. When it comes to sarees go for fabrics like net fabrics, chiffon, georgette, as well as a crepe.

Skinny Body Shape

The slim body shape is defined by small bone structure, and the pelvis and shoulder are in perfect alignment. You will have slender arms and legs along with a jawline that is well defined. You will be able to carry off skinny dresses with elan.

For sarees, go for handloom silks and cotton, tussar silk and also organdie, heavy georgette, and blends. These kinds of sarees will give your frame the much-desired weight. You can rock the sleeveless as well as backless blouse styles. As far as color goes, try neon, pastels as well as electric hues.

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