21 Aug 2019

What are the Amazing Perks of Refer and Earn Program?

The referral program can be an exciting way to earn assured cashback offers and rewards from different mobile wallets and online shopping sites. The method to avail offers from refer and earn program is quite simple- refer a friend or family member to a particular site by inviting them to use an exclusive referral code and then both you and your referred member would be awarded incredible discounts and cashback, it's a two way street to endless savings!

Know More About Refer and Earn Program

If you are still uncertain with the idea of referring and maximizing your earnings, then here are four compelling perks that will highlight how beneficial they can be:

1. You and Your Invite, Both Can Save

The beauty of referrals is that both the one who sends the invite (existing customer) and the one who responds to the invite (new customer) gains remarkable benefits. In fact, your unique referral code acts as a form of coupon code, allowing the referred member to grab the latest discounts and rebates on a wide range of services. And the moment they apply your unique code, you will be reward back instantly either in the form of coupons, cashback or discounts.

2. Valid on Every Successful Referral

The best part about refer and earn is that there is no end to how much you can gain using the program. As, the number of referral increases, so will the amount that you achieve through the program.

Let's say you send an invite worth Rs 200 to about 10 friends and 5 family members then you can get:

Worth of Invite X Total members who responded = Earnings
INR 200 X 15 friends & family members = INR 3000
Similarly, if the number increases to 20 friends and family members, then the total referral value credited to your account will be 4000 INR.

3. Grab Referral Discounts Instantly

Referral discounts are credited immediately after you have successfully converted your friend or family members into a customer. Here, do remember that:

  • Certain referral codes have a specific duration within which they should be applied.

  • The same referral code should be sent to different friends and family members.

  • When applied once, the same friend or family member cannot use the referral code again.

There you have it, refer and earn undoubtedly is a rewarding program that one should never miss out. When it comes to the latest and up-to-date referral programs with the highest discounts, look no further than Reward Eagle. Known to be the coupon specialist of India, Reward Eagle treasures finest referral codes, promotional codes, coupon codes and more, featuring the best of all in one fine platform.


How to earn money using refers and earn program?

Earn addition benefits when you spread a word about a site or service using referral codes available on Reward Eagle. Upon successful referral, each would allow you to earn anywhere between Rs 10 to Rs 5000.

Does the money earned from refer and earn program expire?

Money earned through refer and earn program are promotional rewards that are subject to expiry. Hence, check the terms and conditions related to the program and make sure that you use them before the entitled duration.

Are there any limits to the money that can be earned from refer and earn program?

Though the majority of the online shopping sites and mobile wallets do not have any particular limits, still carefully read the terms of use to check if there is any maximum limit to the amount of money that can be earned on your unique referral code or not.

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